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Travel Health

Going on holiday can be a real adventure. It’s quite easy to get carried away with the planning of your trip, packing and getting into the holiday spirit. However, it’s crucial to remember your health and the health of your family while away from home whether abroad or on home soil. It’s always better to be prepared to help keep your mind at rest.

Here are a few questions you may wish to think about in planning for your trip:

  • Do you have suitable travel insurance to cover medical emergencies?
  • Do you have a travel first aid kit for minor accidents? If so, are the products in date or suitable for your travel plans? Click here to find out more about First Aid
  • Do you need to take malaria tablets? Certain medication/vaccinations may need to be taken up to 6 weeks in advance of your trip.
  • Have you remembered to pack your prescription medication? Do you have enough supply to last the duration of your trip?
  • Have you checked that your medication is legal to import into the country you’re visiting? You may require a doctors note.
  • Wear flight socks to help avoid DVT. Keep moving regularly to help with circulation.

At Boots we can offer you honest advice on things you may wish to think about taking. We also have a comprehensive range of health items and other travel items to make sure your trip is healthy and stress free.