Derma Care is a range in the Boots Pharmaceuticals brand specially formulated for dry and sensitised skin. Many adults suffer from a dry skin condition such as very dry skin, eczema or contact dermatitis. These serious skin conditions can have a notable effect on the people that suffer with them, impacting on self-esteem, confidence and even interrupting daily life.

The Derma Care range helps to build and maintain the skins natural barrier creating a wall of protection against the causes of dryness for healthier skin. Boots Pharmaceuticals understand that everyone’s skin is different which is why Derma Care offers a choice of emollient therapy and skin lipid technology to help build skincare solutions that are right for you

Following a healthy life style is important for our body to make sure that it gets all the nutrients that it needs. Vitamins and minerals are essential for a well performing body. A lot of us however have busy lives with busy agendas which can require a lot from our bodies, and our bodies don’t always get the nutrients they need to keep them healthy. Modern lifestyles, sickness and even ‘fussy eating’ can cause shortness of vitamins or minerals.

Boots Pharmaceuticals can help you to keep your body healthy, to get better after sickness and replace some of those nutrients lost through poor diet and an unbalanced lifestyle. The Boots Pharmaceuticals Vitamins and Supplements range have been formulated to meet the needs of our customers at different stages of their lifecycle.

Ask a Boots pharmacist to find out which vitamin is most suitable for you.

It’s easy to forget about your feet. They’re often the most neglected part of the body but as the seasons change we may start to pay a little more attention to our feet. However, looking after our feet and legs all year round will ensure healthy skin and nails and help to prevent more serious infections.

A good footcare regime will include skincare, nail care and treating any conditions. The Boots Pharmaceuticals footcare range contains everything you need to promote a healthy footcare regime from files, scrubs, moisturisers, anti Perspirant to insoles and orthotics.

A regular pedicure should be part of a good footcare regime:

File away any hard skin from your feet (take care not to be too vigorous)

  • Bathe feet in a bowl of warm water using foot soak crystals
  • Trim toenails with toenail clippers/scissors - cutting across and not round the nail
  • Use a foot scrub to take away any remaining dead skin
  • Dry feet thoroughly especially in between toes
  • Moisturise your feet with a foot cream

If you have diabetes then you should check your feet daily and also visit a podiatrist regularly.

Going on holiday can be a real adventure. It’s quite easy to get carried away with the planning of your trip, packing and getting into the holiday spirit. However, it’s crucial to remember your health and the health of your family while away from home whether abroad or on home soil. It’s always better to be prepared to help keep your mind at rest.

At Boots we can offer you honest advice on things you may wish to think about taking. We also have a comprehensive range of health items and other travel items to make sure your trip is healthy and stress free.

As families grow and children start to explore the world, accidents are almost inevitable. Therefore, knowing what to do and having a stock of first aid supplies is essential.

There is no mandatory list of items that should be included in a first aid kit, however a well-stocked first aid kit might contain the following:

  • Waterproof plasters
  • Scissors
  • Fabric plaster strip
  • Crepe bandage
  • Microporous tape
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Adhesive wound dressing
  • Antiseptic cream
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