Mark Hill KERAsatin Smoothing Shampoo 250ml

Hair in good condition not only looks and feels amazing; it's also the foundation to a longer lasting style. Tired of having hair that just won't do what it's told? Well, no more! Containing pure Keratin, this moisture-rich smoothing shampoo calms your hair down and lets it drink up lost moisture. What was dry, frizzy and weak hair is now beautifully smooth, frizz-free and shiny - dressed to impress, and ready to obey your every order.

Smooth, sleek and oh, so shiny!

How to use

Marks Top Tips

Wet your hair thoroughly and massage the creamy bubbles through your hair. Just like in the salon, you may need 2 shampoos - the first cleanses your scalp and the second for the mid-lengths and ends. Rinse well and always finish with Smoothing Conditioner to leave you with satin smooth hair.


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