MASQD The Tweezer Set

Which ever way you look at it, brows and lashes are king when it comes to feeling on pointe. Getting the right arch on the brow or lash is our obsession; this is serious business so we’ve treated it with royal importance.

We’ve studied it all, from the handle shape (so it fits in your palm perfectly), head type (1 shape does not fit all!), material selection (too sharp and it cuts) to the gap needed to get the perfect hold on the hair. We’ve done the ground work so you’re free to go create and recreate...

Slanted Tweezers:With a sharp, slanted edge and a micro-fine tip to allow you to tweeze finest of strands and tiny hairs that are just coming through, without pinching the skin.

Pointed Tweezers:With an ultra pointed tip which allows for precise plucking and helps with the removal of ingrown hairs and splinters.

Straight Tweezers:With an ultra sharp straight edge that allows you to precisely pick up individual hairs as well as grabbing multiple hairs at once without going in at an angle.

Curved Tweezers:Curved to reach the almost unreachable, with it’s expertly crafted tip, there’s no where for hair to hide.

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