Soap & Glory™ Sit Tight™ Saddlebags+ 85ml

Sit Tight™ Saddlebags+ Stubborn Area Serum is formulated to help visibly firm and tighten skin, smooth stubborn problem areas, rehydrate and reduce skin roughness. Skin looks smoother in 14 days*. [*Results of Independent User Trials on 57 people].

Instructions for Use

REACH FOR THE THIGHS: Shake pack before use. Unlock the rollerhead, squeeze gently a few times, then – holding the pack at a right angle to skin – roll / massage intensely across saddlebags and stubborn problem areas. Allow 2-3 minutes to absorb before getting dressed. (You may feel a heating / cooling sensation as the formula starts activating. This is normal.) Apply twice daily.

CAUTION: Feel the pinch! Please note the microcellu-roller is designed to stimulate and you may feel it micropinch your skin.

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