Soap & Glory™ Sit Tight™ Super-Intense 4-D

Sit Tight™ Super-Intense 4-D is a targeted firming and smoothing lower body serum. Featuring our CIRCU-360™ tri-ball application technology to help stimulate circulation and promote body smoothing, and slow-release microencapsulated ingredients that optimise while you sit, skin feels firmer in 14 days*! [*Results of Independent User Trial on 54 people]

Instructions for Use

TWICE A DAY twist tube-head into ON position. Hold firmly. Press rollerballs against skin, squeeze gel out, and massage across problem areas. As massage stimulates circulation, the more you roll, the merrier. Allow 2-3 minutes before getting dressed.

FEEL IT WORKING! CAUTION: Please note you may feel a warming/tingling sensation after application. This is normal and is a sign the product is working!

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