Soap & Glory™ Glad Hair Day™ Conditioner 50ml

An amazing Daily Shine Conditioner, from Soap & Glory™, formulated to help detangle, gloss, protect and strengthen! For all hair types, including highlighted and heat processed.

Instructions for use:

After shampooing using Soap & Glory's GLAD HAIR DAY™ Shampoo, squeeze excess water from your hair. Then using your fingertips rub a small measure of GLAD HAIR DAY™ Conditioner onto your roots. Massage for 60 seconds (in circles on your scalp) then extend through the lengths and ends of your hair. Rinse well, comb through and style as usual.

No Buildup Formula (So you never have to switch!)

At Soap & Glory™, we believe that a little fresh hair, can do you the world of good.

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