Soap & Glory Supercat FAT Jumbo Carbon Black Ink Eyeliner

With its dramatically thick marker pen edge, Soap & Glory's SUPERCAT™ FAT is THE NEW 'NOW' BIG THING IN EYELINERS. Fast-drying, long lasting and ultra-inky for a perfect, thick cat-eye flick in one effortless stroke.
With INKJET™ COLOUR RELEASE and FILM-FIX™, and a FOOLPROOF slanted tip with THICK and THIN liner sides; in PITCH BLACK PERFECT.

How to use

Hold liner so ANGLED EDGE is on top. Line close to the lashes, then build to the width you want. At the outer eye corner, extend a line directly up from the curve of the lower lashes.

For perfect cat eyes, FILL IN THE TRIANGLE – from the top of this line to your upper lash line.

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