Soap & Glory™ No Clogs Allowed™ Deep Pore Detox Mask 100ml

Soap & Glory™’s super self-heating, colour-changing, purifying facial detox mask with 1-MINUTE HOT PORECLEAR™ TECHNOLOGY.  It deep cleans, melts away pore-plugging sebum and helps soften keratinised skin cells to prevent breakouts and blemishes. Just massage on, and stop when the paste changes from cream to aqua blue. No Clogs Allowed™ is perfect for weekly use on areas prone to blackhead build-up, or more often as a deep-oil-emulsifying, detoxifying face mask and all-round scrubby WONDER!

  • A powerful, multi-action, pore-purifying, at-home facial detox mask treatment
  • Uses heat to help tackle stubborn pore-plugging grease
  • Changes colour when fully activated on the face
  • Features 1 MINUTE HOT PORECLEAR™ TECHNOLOGY, a fast acting smoothing and polishing blend of micropumice, salicylic acid and hot clay which activates with water.
  • Use weekly on areas susceptible to blackhead build-up
  • Specially formulated for oily/combination skin

Instructions for use:

USE ONCE A WEEK: SHAKE BEFORE USE. Massage a grape-sized dab of No Clogs Allowed™ onto your face, then wet your hands and scrub until it turns blue and you feel heating. After 5 minutes, rub it all off with a warm, wet washcloth.

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