Soap & Glory What a Peeling! De-Clog Mask

Product details

Soap & Glory What a Peeling!™ De-Clog Mask. Our peel off mask de-clogs pores and purifies the skin.

Lift out gunk and remove that junk! A totally a-peeling mask that helps to remove dirt and impurities as you peel it off. Like any other super-hero, WHAT A PEELING!™ transforms itself – from pink liquid gel to a paper-like strip. It’s absolutely cram-jam-packed with skin-loving ingredients including beauty powerhouse Vitamin C plus a stack of oil-absorbing smoothers.
Our scentsational mask is fragranced with exotic tropical fruit and May Chang mood-boosting essential oil and is ideal for a problem T-zone. Get yourself some pink a-peel!

92% said dirt and impurities were removed from the skin
90% said skin felt purified after use
85% said pores were de-clogged

*results from user trial on 51 women


How to use

Wash spatula in warm soapy water before use. Use one capsule per application.

1. Apply a thin, even layer onto clean dry skin, avoiding the eye area, hairline, eyebrows and lips.
2. Smooth over skin and focus in on problem areas prone to open pores, especially around the T-Zone, nose and chin.
3. Leave on for 20-25 minutes until completely dry, so you can peel off in one sheet. Whilst you’re waiting for it to dry, bake some cupcakes or make a pie!
4. PREPARE FOR LIFT OFF!  This mask is tough on skin baddies so expect it to pull a bit as you reveal fresh-looking skin! Gently peel it off upwards from the chin to forehead.
5. Rinse off any excess with warm water

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