Soap & Glory™ Beauty Sleep Accelerator™ Night & Flight Moisture Miracle 45ml

Guaranteed to be an overnight sensation, Soap & Glory™’s Beauty Sleep Accelerator™ has moisture boosting HIGHDRATION-24H™, and OXYGINSENG™ technology. It floods your skin with moisture, stopping dry, dehydrated skin in its tracks, so you wake up to – or land with – dewy, luminous skin. Formulated to work intensively for overnight and long haul flights, but is equally effective should you choose to deploy its super healing powers at alternative times.

  • With Night Blooming Cactus Flower™ and a powerful blend of skin rejuvenation boosters
  • Skin Repair Bio - a natural mik thistle complex - helps replenish dry, dehydrated skin
  • Smoothes, hydrates and brightens
  • Balanced for all skin types

Instructions for use:

SLEEP ON IT: Smooth Beauty Sleep Accelerator™ onto a clean face and neck before bed each night, or before a long flight.

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