Soap & Glory™ Scrubatomic™ Daily Face Polish 100ml

Soap & Glory™ Scrubatomic™ Daily Face Polish features antioxidant-rich PEACH & GOJUICE™ extracts, fast-acting FRUIT SMOOTHING AHAs  and gentle D-CLOG™ MICROPEEL BEADS to sweep off brightness-dulling dead skin cells. It’s gorgeously foamy, super smoothing and fantastic. Use 4 - 7 times a week (according to your level of clog) and see the power of SCRUB!

  • A daily facial refreshing complexion smoother with conditioning shea butter
  • With spherical, softly scrubby exfoliating beads
  • Skin-brightening, rejuvenating and purifying
  • Softens, refines and smoothes
  • Balanced for all skin types

Instructions for use:

THE POWER OF SCRUB: Rub a dab of Scrubatomic™ onto your nose, chin and forehead every morning. With wet fingertips, scrub on the spot - then blend outward to your cheeks, forehead and jawline. Rinse well, then apply moisturiser and sunscreen.

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