The Vintage Cosmetic Company Boxed Cream Angled Shadow Brush

The Cream Angled Shadow Brush from The Vintage Cosmetic Company is ideal for building up colour when layering eye shadow. The angled tip helps to build colour in your crease and make your eyes pop! Sister to the Shadow and Precision Shadow brushes, it’s great for building up colour along the crease line and blending to create the perfect look.

The synthetic bristles of the Cream Angled Shadow Brush allow you to dispense your product with ease, making light work of smudging and brow bone application. It also feels comfortable on your skin.

The Cream wooden handled Angled Shadow Brush is approximately 160mm in length from the tip to the bottom of the handle.

Using your Angled Shadow Brush – Step-By-Step Guide:

  1. After applying your base colour with The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s Shadow Brush, choose dark captivating colours to pack onto your Angled Shadow Brush.
  2. Layer the dark colours in the outer corner and through the socket line.
  3. To give the illusion of bigger eyes apply a light, shimmering colour to the inner corners of your eyes.
  4. Get your blend on! Blend the colours together to achieve a look set for a night out!
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