The Vintage Cosmetic Company Eyelash Curler

Add a flutter to your lashes with The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s boxed Eyelash Curlers. The Eyelash Curlers come with a spring for luscious, long lasting lashes.

Our Eyelash Curlers have become a firm favourite and can often be spotted in top makeup artist’s kits. They can be used to curl your own lashes or our strip lashes once applied, to bind the false lashes and your lashes together. Use these curlers to open and brighten your eyes, which gives you a really youthful look. Simply follow our Step-By-Step guide below.

We also recommend holding the Curlers under a hairdryer on a low setting for a few seconds. Make sure they’re warm (not hot!) and then curl the lashes. This will help you to produce a better more long lasting curl. Follow with a slick of mascara. Make sure you don’t curl your lashes before applying strip lashes otherwise it will be too difficult to apply them

If you’ve never tried eyelash curlers you will be addicted and if you already use curlers you’ll ditch your old pair once you have tried these!

Using your Eyelash Curlers – Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Hold the Eyelash Curler in your hand like a pair of scissors and open fully.
  2. Position the Eyelash Curler midway along your lashes.
  3. Ensure that all your lovely lashes are between the clamps.
  4. Close and hold Curlers clamped on lashes for a few seconds while you dream about something gorgeous…
  5. Open the Curlers to reveal glamorously curled lashes!
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