The Vintage Cosmetic Company False Eye Lashes Nancy

Adhesive supplied.

These false eyelashes are perfect for both day and night as they add a delicate amount of volume and length. It will be hard to see you’re even wearing strip lashes, as these falsies will just look like nature has been kind to you or you have just found the best mascara ever!

These Lashes are the perfect all-rounder and suit everyone so is a great place to start if you haven’t tried strip lashes before

The Nancy Lash has a fuller band so make sure you make it more flexible before applying by wrapping around a pencil or orange stick. You won’t need as much, if any, eyeliner either although if you want to get maximum impact for night out then add a shimmer of light eye shadow with The Vintage Cosmetic Company Precision Shadow Brush along the lower lash line to illuminate your eyes and a little highlighter in the inner corners to really make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

These lashes can be re-used if taken care of. Always remove any make-up or glue and store somewhere dry and clean. Also suitable for contact lens wearers these lashes will become a firm favourite.

These Lashes are approximately 95mm in length

Top Tips:

When applying the glue to the lashes add a little extra in the corners and make sure you wait a full 30 seconds to let the glue go tacky before applying.

Look down and drop the lashes onto your lids, your own lashes will work as a net to catch them. You can then use a pair of tweezers to push the lashes into position.

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