The Vintage Cosmetic Company Foundation Brush

Create a smooth, airbrushed complexion with the Cream Foundation Brush from The Vintage Cosmetic Company. Use this luxurious brush to buff and blend your foundation into your skin. Its silky bristles allow your foundation to glide on leaving you looking catwalk ready all day long!

Try the Cream Foundation Brush instead of using your fingers or a sponge. The brush helps to distribute the foundation evenly, leaving no patches or uneven skin tone. That’s not all; regular use of brushes instead of fingers will keep your skin cleaner and clearer!

The Cream Foundation Brush which is made from synthetic bristles, is approximately 175mm in length from the tip to end of the wooden handle.

Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1

Squirt a little foundation onto the back of your hand, and dab the Foundation Brush into it.

Step 2

Starting at the nose, work outwards towards the outer edges of your face for the most flawless finish.

Step 3

Sweep your foundation through the jawline and blend onto your neck.

Step 4

Now, apply a loose powder to set the foundation with The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s Powder Brush. You look radiant!


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