YourGoodSkin Softening Facial Brush

Product details

"Supersoft fine bristles gently scrub away the oils & make-up most cleansers miss”. Natasha, Georgia - YourGoodSkin Community

Working with your "Skin"

Cleans skin up to 2 time better than a cleanser alone, when used with our Comforting Gel Cleanser or Refreshing Face Wash.

The "Good" things

From first use skin looks healthy & feels instantly soft. Exfoliates, polishes & brightens the skin. Proven to give you more good skin days. Designed with super soft bristles. Dermatologically tested & suitable for all skin, even sensitive.


How to use

Apply a generous amount of your favourite cleanser onto your face, we recommend our Comforting Gel Cleanser or our Refreshing Face Wash.
Gently massage your face with the brush, in small circular motions for 30 seconds, applying more or less pressure to deepen your cleanse. Rinse away with warm water. To keep your brush fresh & clean, run under warm water after each use & dry thoroughly.

Softening Facial Brush should be added in to your regimen when needed. For best results, follow with our Balancing Skin Concentrate & then apply SPF Day Cream or Night Cream. 


Hazards and Cautions

Do not apply if your skin is irritated or broken.

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