All about the Brow

Eyebrows have the ability to change your whole look. It can be easy to forget about our eyebrows, but it is time we embrace them.

The key to perfect brows is aiming to maintain as much of your natural shape as possible, by focusing on enhancing the arch and removing stray hair. For advice on which eyebrow shape is best for your face look at our previous post here. 

Follow these quick steps for gorgeous brows!

Step 1 Start by tweezing any stray hairs, focusing  more on the bottom of the brow. Afterwards, lightly brush your brows into place.

Step 2 Grab your favourite eyebrow product and start by drawing a soft line at the bottom of your brow. Ensure you stay very close to the hairs, using soft and light strokes with the product. Always ensure the product is applied in the same direction as the hairs.

Step 3 Do the same for the top of your brow, but only on the outer corners and arch. Concentrate on defining the shape and tail of the brow.

Step 4 Use the product to lightly fill in gaps towards the middle and front of the brow, ensuring that the product is applied in the same direction as the hair. Be careful not to create harsh lines at the front of the brow.

Step 5 For flawless brows, apply concealer underneath the arch, this will highlight and lift the brow! You can finish off with a brow gel to keep them in place all day long. 

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