Fabulous Nails

It doesn't take an army of manicurists to whip your nails into shape. Whether you're a nail novice or just want that healthy glow to extend to your hands, now's the time to refresh your nail care routine.

 Shape up

File dry nails in one direction to keep them strong. Trying a different nail shape is an easy way to shake up your nail look. So whether it's square, oval or squoval, anything goes this season.

In the buff

Gently buffing the nails once a fortnight with a four way buffer will help nails look healthier. A buffer smoothes ridges, adds shine and will even make your polish last longer.

 Smoothly does it

If your hands need some extra TLC, apply an intensive hand cream at night to whip hands into shape while you sleep. A pair of cotton gloves over the top will help lock in the moisture.

 Sp-oil yourself

A cuticle oil is a luscious, extra treat for hands and cuticles. It helps strengthen brittle nails and gives your manicure a flawless, professional finish.

 Cover your bases

A strengthening base coat will help keep nails in tip-top shape while protecting them against staining from coloured polish. Go for a two-in-one base and topcoat with added strengtheners for chip-resistant colour and healthy looking nails.

 Bright of hand

A bright splash of polish is a simple way to get creative with colour. Whether you want to feel vibrant in violet or outrageous in orange, all you need is confidence!