Highlight & Contour 101

Contouring and highlighting are two great make-up tricks that can make you red carpet ready!

It can seem daunting trying to contour your face, however it is pretty simple once you master the art of placement. Use darker shades to enhance your cheekbones, jaw line and add extra depth to your face. Use a lighter shade to highlight the areas where the light would naturally sit, such as under the eyes, forehead and chin area.


For a highlight you can use a concealer or a lighter foundation. Apply this under the eyes, forehead and chin area (See highlighting example). Blend this out using the brush of your choice, ensuring it is blended well into the skin. You can also highlight on the brow bone and cupids bow for a more defined look.


If you are not used to contouring or prefer a subtle look; use a bronzer, if you want a more contoured look use a contour stick or a darker foundation. Apply this shade under the cheekbones, jaw line and around the temple area (See shading example). For extra definition you can apply on the nose and down the neck area. Blend well using a brush, ensuring that there are no harsh lines visible.

Finish your look off by applying the rest of your makeup! Are you going to give this a try?