Lazy Day Hairstyles

The Side Braid

If you hair is looking a little flat and tired, try the side braid to spruce up your look. Comb through your hair to make it smooth and tangle free. Bring all your hair to one side, and separate into 2 sections. (First & Second sections)

Take a piece of hair from the back of the first section and take it over to the second section. Repeat this step on the second section of hair, by taking a piece from the back of the hair over to the first section.

Keep repeating the steps above until you reach the end, then simply tie the end of the braid.

For final touches, gently pull at the braid to give it a messier and fuller look and finish off with some hairspray. We recommend the Mark Hill Big Night Out Party The Night Away Firm Hold Hairspray for that perfect hold.

The Messy Bun

If your hair is a little more on the greasy side, then the messy bun is for you! Comb through the hair to make it smooth and tangle free. Tie you hair in a high pony tail. If it is looking flat, gently pull at the root of the hair to add volume.

Wrap the pony tail around your hair tie in a donut shape, and secure in place with bobby pins. Pull out a few strands close to the face for a more messier look! Finish off with the Mark Hill Get Gorgeous Fabulous Finish Hairspray

Will you give these a go? #Giveitago