Make-up Brush Guide: Face

Flat Foundation Brush: This brush is flat and dense and used best with soft natural strokes. This brush works really well with lighter foundations which do not require much blending. As this brush is flat, it is also great for applying concealer as it allows for better precision. A good all rounder we say.

Buffing Brush: This brush is stiff and dense, mostly used to buff liquid foundations and creams into the skin. Use in small circular motions to create a flawless finish. What more could you want in a brush!

Stippling Brush: This brush is soft with fine flexible bristles. Use in soft circular motions in the target area to create a smooth flawless finish. This brush can be used as a multi purpose brush, either for concentrating on certain areas like under the eye, blemishes & blush or to blend in foundation.

Powder Brush: This brush is quite large, soft and fluffy. It can be used to gently sweep powder across the T-Zone and set make-up. Depending on the shape of the powder brush, it can also be used for bronzer and to blend cheek colour. Perfect!

Blush Brush: A blush brush is usually slightly smaller than a powder brush and can sometimes be tapered or round. This brush is great for blusher and bronzer, the shape allows for easy blending and application on to the apples of the cheeks!

Angled Brush: This brush is great for bronzer and contouring. Its unique shape will allow you to define and shape your cheek bones. It can also be used to contour the forehead, chin and nose area!

Fan Brush: This brush is a thin fan-shaped brush. It is great for applying highlighter and powder under the eyes and nose.

What brushes would you like to add to your collection?