Photo Ready Beauty Tips

Getting your makeup perfect for that special event can be tricky, we have some little beauty tips that are a must for gorgeous photos!

1. Apply a primer. A primer is essential for keeping makeup on intact and on for a long period of time. The last thing you need is your makeup disappearingon that special day!

2. Foundations with a matte or satin finish are advisable for photos, they will ensure your skin doesn’t look too oily. If you prefer a dewy look apply highlighter to the high points of your face. This will have you looking flawless & glowing in your photos.

3. Avoid using noticeably darker foundation shades and ensure that liquid products such a foundations or creams are fully blended into this skin. Another great tip is to apply a lighter shade under the eyes, nose and forehead to enhance your features. Check out our contouring tutorial here.

4. Enhance & define. Photos can sometimes wash the colour out of your face so always apply slightly more than you usually would. Use brushes to blend and create depth around the face. However, be sure not to over do it!

5. Powder! Remember to powder your face once you have finished, this will reduce shine and finish off your look. Use a yellowish powder to avoid flashback in photos.

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