Quick and Easy Morning Makeup

We have the perfect makeup tutorial that will take off a few minutes off your morning routine, allowing you to have more time in bed. We all need beauty sleep after all!

After completing your skincare routine, apply a tinted moisturiser onto your face. Not only will this keep your skin moisturised throughout the day, it will also give your skin that pop of colour and dewy glow! Just apply like a normal moisturiser, making sure it is blended well.

Next, use a lightweight and brightening concealer under the eyes and a normal concealer over any blemishes and blend in well. Apply a translucent powder over your face once finished.

For the eyes keep it simple and apply a dark brown eye pencil on your eyelids staying close to the top lash line, and then smudge out with your fingers to make your lashes appear thicker. After that, simply apply your mascara.

Finally, apply a glowing blush to your cheekbones, and pop on a bit of lip gloss or tinted lip balm on to your lips and you are good to go!