The Flawless Base

Don’t know what foundation to choose? Having trouble figuring out what coverage is for you? Do not worry, we’ve got a guide to help you find the perfect base.

Extra Light

If you are looking for something extra light, that lets you show off your natural skin then a tinted moisturiser is for you. TM’s have a light consistency and are much thinner than your average foundation. The coverage doesn’t last all day, however they are best for keeping skin moisturised with a subtle hint of colour. Perfect for that bit of glow on a summer’s day. This base can be applied using your fingers and requires minimal blending when the right shade is chosen. This is great for girls on the go!


BB creams are recommended if you fancy something which is slightly more buildable with added benefits such as SPF, brighteners and anti-ageing depending on which you choose.This is perfect for creating a natural base whilst nourishing your skin. BB creams are pigmented with a thick consistency and have longer wear than tinted moisturisers. They can be incorporated into your facial routine and blended with fingers, however a makeup sponge can be used for more coverage.

Medium Coverage

Medium coverage products can consist of sheer liquid foundations which are buildable or thicker foundations with moderate coverage. These foundations need to be buffed onto the skin more, so are best applied with a makeup brush or sponge. The key is to blend  well and apply in layers to reach the perfect coverage for you. If you prefer medium-light coverage, use a small amount and just focus  on the problem areas to even out skin tone.

Maximum Coverage

Full coverage foundations are best for special events, parties and days where photography and long wear are key!  Consistency of this type of foundation can differ, but coverage will be full. Freckles, pigmentation & blemishes  will be covered after a full application. It is essential that you find the right shade for you with this coverage, as it could leave you with harsh lines along the jaw line if the wrong shade is used. A makeup sponge/buffing brush is essential for this type of foundation. Buff into the face in circular motions, ensuring you move the product along the jawline and neck.

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