The Flick-Over

It's all about the three S's: simple, stylish and speedy! This hot trend is a perfect every day style for any hair type.

Step 1
Start with towel-dried hair and apply a volumising mousse to the roots of the hair for height.

Step 2
To encourage your hair's natural wave and texture, blow dry your hair with with a diffuser. Then create a deep side parting. If you do not have a diffuser let your hair naturally dry, and use a hairdryer to dry the ends & add volume to the roots.

Step 3
Use a curling wand to add textured waves to random sections of hair. Alternate between curling away from and towards the face for a more tousled effect.

Step 4
Spritz the lengths of your hair with salt spray. Once dry, you'll be left with gorgeous, beachy waves. Make sure the hair is flipped over for that volumised look.

Step 5
For the finishing touch, add some extra 'oomph!' with a root boosting spray - this will help your style to last all day (and night!)

We love this look, will you be giving it a go?