Monthly Favourites January

Sanctuary Spa

Sanctuary originated over 37 years ago in the much-loved London Covent Garden spa, where ballerinas of the Royal Opera House would retreat to relax, unwind and recover. This tranquil space provided a
sanctuary for women to let go of the pressures of the day and indulge in cutting-edge beauty formulations inspired by therapists with luxurious ingredients to treat and restore the body and mind.

Today the spa is no longer in existence but its purpose is stronger than ever – to provide nourishment and rejuvenation - not only for the skin but also your body and well-being.

Integral to this purpose is our ambition to inspire women that health, well-being and success can only be achieved if you step back every now and again, Find Your Sanctuary, relax, unwind and breathe. This is our #LetGo philosophy.