Feeling good in pregnancy

Being pregnant can be one of the most exciting times of your life for both you and your partner but it’s not always plain sailing! However much you may have wanted to be pregnant, pregnancy can dramatically affect your moods and emotional state. On top of all the physical changes you’re about to go through, you have to deal with your moods that can go on an unexpected roller coaster ride!

However, even if you have the occasional day when being pregnant seems a real struggle, it doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to your own personality. Your baby is sensitive to your moods so to help keep you feeling good about yourself try some of these simple tips;

1.Look good to feel good

The days of terrible clothes for pregnant women are gone – try wearing V-neck tops or empire cuts and to feel comfortable wear stretch fabrics such as Lycra, jersey, cotton, and chiffon. The right wardrobe will work doubly well with a hairstyle that's low maintenance, comfortable, and stylish so keep it simple with long tresses that you can tie back into a bun, or a super-short yet super-chic wash-and-wear cut. Keep makeup light and remove it when you get home using mild facial wash and makeup remover.

2.Make time for regular exercise

Exercise not only helps balance the extra weight you gain in pregnancy, but being fit will help you through labour and giving birth. Your doctor and midwife can help advise you as to what form of exercise may be best for you but aerobics and calisthenics are usually recommended, as are yoga and pilates.

3.Eat as healthily as you can

Remember – your baby is eating what you eat! A healthy diet and good nutrition can help to keep problems such as anaemia and mood swings at bay. Eat a diet rich in fruit and green leafy vegetables as these contain vitamin A (for healthy skin, bones, and eyes), folic acid, vitamin E, vitamin C, fibre, and calcium. Don’t think that you have to ‘eat for two’ though so go easy on chocolates, sweets, pastries and biscuits! However, one of the great things about being pregnant is that you can allow yourself an occasional guilty pleasure!

4.Get pampered!

Treat yourself to a trip to the spa and spend some time just being spoiled. Even a simple foot soak can increase the circulation to the legs and feet as well as helping reduce stress and anxiety.

5.Bond with your partner

Being pregnant can be a great time to enjoy with your husband or partner, especially when you realise that time together will become scarce once baby arrives! Enjoy trips to the cinema, or snuggle up with him to watch DVDs. Find time to enjoy lunches or romantic dates together, away from where you normally eat.

6.Spend time with yourself

Having friends and family making a fuss over you while you are pregnant can be lovely but there will be times when you want to be alone for a while and this is fine. Get some ‘me time’ and do whatever you want to do – read a stack of books or listen to music that you like and makes you feel good. Remember that baby can also hear what you are listening to so when you feel good, your baby feels good too!

7.Prepare for baby to arrive

Many mums like to start a journal or scrapbook of their pregnancy and then keep it to show their child when he or she is about to become a parent themselves as this gives a special link. Picking the baby’s name is good fun and can take a long time to get right! Don’t leave packing to the last minute – have a bag for you and your baby packed and ready a month before your due date. If you don't have a nursery room for your baby at home, set up an area for baby in your bedroom so that everything will be in place when you both come home from hospital.

8.If it all gets too much – say so!

Worries about money, your relationship, or anxiety about your health or your baby's may make your self-esteem dip a bit. That's normal and will get better. All you need to do is focus on what you're good at and do it. Don’t be afraid to say if you are having a bad day or struggling to do the jobs you need to do. This is a time when your partner needs to understand exactly how you are feeling.